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Change Your Laundry Habits, Lower Your Utility Bills

Change Your Laundry Habits, Lower Your Utility Bills

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Many people are looking for ways to lower their utility bills, and energy experts say considerable savings can be found in an unexpected area – laundry habits. By making simple changes, particularly in temperature control and the timing of machine operation, households can save between $120 to $200 annually.

One such change is washing most clothes in cold water, potentially saving about $0.50 per load. This is because almost 90% of a washing machine’s energy is spent on heating water. Modern soaps, designed to work well in cold water, make this switch easier. However, it is important to keep washing sheets and towels in hot water for hygiene reasons.

Further, always running full loads in the laundry machine can also save energy, as the machine uses the same amount of energy irrespective of the load size. Other helpful tips include reducing dryer heat and using machines during off-peak hours. While these changes might make drying clothes take a little longer, the considerable energy savings make them worth trying.

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